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The CALAMA Group

Company Started with intention of making quality pumpsets for agricultural and industrial purposes. Unbounded passion, unmatched skill and uncompromising quality control led us to give a reputed name with in farmers and industries.

The certification of ISI marks and ISO 9001 just affirmation the “CALAMA” is signature of quality.
The Path of progress has been marked by many achievements wherein consolidation and diversification have been the mantra from day one. Our vision is to make our customer happy and loyal to brand “CALAMA”.

The Group’s uncompromising commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, adoption of latest technologies, inclusion of new types and developing standard products types and developing standard products through continuous R & D yielded magnificent results.

CALAMA Group has an all india presence through strong dealers network in all important cities.

World Wide Applications

Calama Pumps are widely used in different applications, including:

Features & Benefits

CALAMA pumps come with a variety of features and offers several benefits, Including :


These pumps consume less energy and are cost-effective.

High Efficiency

Submersible pumps are highly efficient, making them cost-effective in the long run.

High-Pressure Capacity

They can handle high-pressure applications and provide a constant flow rate.


Submersible pumps are compact and do not require additional space for installation.

Low Maintenance

These pumps require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Safe to Use

Since they operate underwater, submersible pumps are safe to use and do not pose any risks of electrocution.

Easy to Install

These pumps are easy to install and require minimal setup time.


Submersible pumps are designed to withstand harsh environments and are built to last.

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